Looking Grey for the Blue Jays

Canadian sports lovers aren’t satisfied with consistent bad performances from their sporting teams. All we want is to have a bet on a team that wins more than they lose. Its bad enough we have to keep watching our best skaters go and win Stanley Cups for the American franchises but why can’t the Blue Jays become competitive? The days that the Jays were the real deal are a distant memory for ball fans this side of the border especially for proud Canadian betters that always follow home teams.

The Blue Jays Manager, Cito Gaston who recently returned to the team after missing two games to attend his sister’s funeral, commented on a disastrous road trip that saw the Jays lose 8 from 10 starts even though they were competitive in every game.

“It was a terrible road trip for us. We’ve had worse, but this wasn’t too good.”

It appeared that the season had taken off to a flying start back in mid May when Toronto was sitting with a 27-14 record and leading their division. That is a far cry from their recent three wins from the last 15 games in an effort that now sees them 11 games out. The All Star break couldn’t come at a better time for the Blue Jays as they need to regroup quickly if they want to avoid another embarrassing losing season. Outfielder Vernon Wells summed it up by saying; “I think this break comes at a good time. Guys can go home and relax and get away from the game for a couple of days.”

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