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Horse Racing Betting Explained

Horse racing betting can be a tricky skill to master and although there are experts out there in the world it is necessary to enable a recreational punter to have a true understanding of horse betting. Horse betting secrets are passed on through the ages but at the end of the day nothing beats a pure instinct bet that comes through to win big. There are obviously several types of horse racing bets to choose from but it is important to understand the horse racing bet types before jumping into the mix. Bookmakers are regularly expanding their options but the most common horse racing bets centre around the position the horses finish in.

Types of horse racing bets:

Win – 1st Place finish.
Place – Finishing in the top two, three, four or even five dependant on the number of horse participating. Check before you place your bet on what qualifies as a place bet.
Show – 3rd Place finish or better.

Multiple horse racing bet types:

Eachway – A bet on a win and/or a place for one horse. Wager is same amount for each bet.
Across the Board – A bet on one horse to win, place and show. Three wagers combined in one. If the horse finishes in 1st all three bets are won, 2nd two bets are won and 3rd one bet is won.

With so much information and the large number of races taking place in a day it can be difficult to keep track of everything that is happening in the races. Horse betting explained aims to help clear up some of the more basic things punters could come across. Getting the hang of how to bet on horse races is a tricky business and often times newcomers’ need the horse betting odds explained. That is why bookmakers wanted to provide this brief horse betting explained article to help you on your way. With all their services available over the Internet in the UK and abroad you definitely have everything you need to appreciate the races and hopefully beat the bookmaker once horse betting is explained.

Horse betting odds explained:

Odds on indicates that the horse has a good chance of winning the race. However, the returns on an odds on bet are not as profitable as an odds against bet.

Odds against indicates that the horse is not likely to win the race but may still have an outside chance if the race goes its’ way. The odds are normally longer and therefore less likely to win but more profitable if you do.

Evens describes a situation where the horses chances of winning are exactly 50/50. A bet on evens would see you stake returned and doubled.

The best betting horse racing strategy is to pick the winner. Obviously that can’t be done all of the time no matter how good your instincts are. So the best way to strategise against that is to spread your bets. It is more risky admittedly but at the same time it can find you with a large windfall if the betting horse racing strategy is employed correctly. Hedge your bets and maybe cover more options with an eachway or across the board bet once the horse racing betting has been explained.

Bookmakers are dedicated to helping you to have a greater understanding of horse betting and betting horse racing strategy. Horse betting secrets are hard to come by and at the end of the day luck plays a large part in the outcome of any race. Offering several different horse racing bet types, is a bookmaker with options galore with horse racing betting explained you can get underway. Horse betting explained is not easy but hopefully understanding horse betting isn’t as tricky anymore. All horse-racing odds are on the Internet so that you can place your bet from the safety of your home on a secure service in the UK or abroad. So get involved over the Internet at now that horse-racing betting is explained.